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Rotating Docker Logs — Keeping your overlay folder small

August 14, 2018

TL;DR Learn from my mistakes. If you are using the default json-file driver, configure and options to have Docker automatically rotate and…

MongoDB Atlas Is Awesome

August 28, 2017

Automatic setup for replica sets and role based access control

Specifying npm Version in Dockerfile

August 21, 2017

TL;DR Details Each Node.js version ships with npm. Currently the LTS Node version (v6.11.2) ships with npm v3.10.10. But what if you want to…

Everything You Wanted To Know About package-lock.json But Were Too Afraid To Ask

August 11, 2017

Introduction So you’ve updated Node Package Manager (npm) to v5.x.x, and everything seems to be going fine. But wait, what’s this? A new…